With Greg's unique approach to business & life he offers a variety of keynote talks covering topics like confidence development, social-engineering skills, psychology of performing/networking, magic and personality/behaviour profilng!

Unique & Unforgettable Corporate Speaker!!!


If you are looking for a standard corporate speaker to teach you same marketing and sales techniques you can read from any book Greg is NOT the speaker for you! Gregs journey, background and profession provides one of the most unique experiences who designs all services so your guests will be talking about what they saw and more importantly what was discussed on the day for months, if not years!!!

Topics & Subjects Greg Speakers About

1. Building confidence as a foundation!


2. Meeting new people and building trusting relationships!


3. Reliable techniques when it comes to reading people and their body language 


4. How to identify what people and other businesses really care about and how to align values in interactions for more win-win outcomes


5. His background performing as a magician, mind-reader, hypnotist, pickpocket and his experiences/training in personality/behaviour profiling!


All talks are all tailored to make sure your audience has an unforgettable experience at your event!

I’ve known Greg for a long time and forever been in awe of his seeming ‘mind-reading’ as a part of his Magic routines. 


When we spoke about his new course, I was extremely sceptical, particularly when he said I would be able to recreate parts of what he does! I stuck with it, listened to some of the videos and resources and continued communication with Greg about little changes I was noticing about my own exchanges with players and pupils I work with.


The best example was when speaking to a player (client) I was delivering individual basketball sessions to. I started with an introduction session discussing the player’s aims, perceived strengths and weaknesses and used many of the methods learned from the course to effectively baseline this player. This allowed me to understand the true driving factors behind the players’ motivation to play and aligned our values to achieve success in the proceeding sessions. This seemed to work for a number of reasons, but the biggest standout is that he is now playing up an age group at a very high level with, as his dad states, ‘a renewed confidence’.


I would highly recommend his courses/talks for coaches and teachers who are looking to build relationships with their pupils/players and who wish to help guide these children through their individual journeys.”


Sam Fitzpatrick, TheTripleThreatCoach.com 

Why have Greg speak at your next conference/event?


We offer each and every client a completely FREE over the phone consultation so we can go through all the important details for your event to make sure we can deliver the best possible talk on the day!


All talks are designed to deliver key points discussed at the consultation with the aid of hilarious stories from Gregs past and the occasional magic demonstration to highlight these points and make sure guests will never forget this message!


Greg has experience speaking at both live and virtual events such as networking events, award evenings, schools, training days and is looking forward to speaking at new opportunities and events in future.


Whether you are looking for a speaker with a talk ready to deliver or want a tailored presentation we have a variety of services & talks perfect for your event!

Keynote Speaker Greg Holroyd at charity conference
Keynote Speaker Greg Holroyd at a Charity event!
In the past we have had clients request Greg speak on topics he is not an expert in. We would always recommend a speaker that is an expert on the field hovever if you would like a filler speaker for your corporate training day to tailor a short talk to highlight an important message of the day so it is unforgettable, we can definitely do this!
If you are looking for a unique speaker that will work  with you to help make your next conference "The Event of the Year!" 
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