Welcome to the Sherlock Bond SCAN System!

"How to read & influence others so you work with the RIGHT people & attract your DREAM clients!"

Do you lack the confidence when it comes meeting new people & building trusting relationships with others?


Are you sick and tired of attracting manipulative or negative people, and then having to deal with them, in your business or personal life?


Do you ever wonder how certain people seem to have other people magnetise towards them, everyone wants to know them and help solve their problems?


Are you are someone who mis-reads peoples emotions, saying the wrong thing without realising until it is too late?


Do you stress or worry about what you should say next to keep the conversation moving forward or find it difficult to get people to open up to you?

Greg has been working on on this curriculum now for the best part of 5 years combining all of his experience as a professional entertainer & speaker with his research & training in the personality profiling, behaviour analysis and social psychology fields. So by the end you will be able to confidently read & influence human behaviour during your interactions for more win-win outcomes without the use of complicated or dishonest tactics!
What is The Sherlock Bond SCAN System

"Can you teach me to read/influence people like that and can you use it for something outside of magic/performance?" This is something Greg gets asked all the time about what he does and the short answer is YES & YES!


During the pandemic when Gregs entertainment business was put on pause during Covid. He decided to put together a curriculum designed to help you to attune to how others feel/think within our conversations to build trusting relationships and ethically influence people quickly, efficiently and without the use of dishonest or sleazy tactics!


Spending lots of time, energy and money to improve his business and anything that would help make what he was doing as a "mind-reader" look like the real deal... Taking courses and training in a variety of fields such psychology, public speaking, personality/behaviour profiling, negotiation, information elicitation in high stakes interrogation, persuasion & more! Which he has been incorporating & practicing within his performances, business and social interactions to be able to read & influence human behaviour whilst building trusting relationships!

Goals of Sherlock Bond SCAN System

1. Building confidence as a foundation so you can take full advantage of opportunities in life!


2. Tips on meeting new people, conversation techniques to encourage people to open up to you revealing sensitive information whilst building trusting relationships during your interactions!


3. Reliable ideas, concepts & methods in psychology, human behaviour & personality profiling that have been tested in the REAL WORLD so you can adapt your communication to become a more influential/persuasive within different frameworks! 


4. How to read and analyse someones needs, motives, how they make decisions & more so you can DEEPLY understand them so you can make sure you are connecting with the RIGHT people and AVOID the wrong ones!


5. Have all the social engineering and conversation tools needed allow others feel safe and secure around you allowing more win-win opportunities to surface within your engagements! 

What is covered is our coaching/mentoring curriculum?

1. Understand the psychology of how to sell your products, business services or even ideas to others by understand others personalities and behaviours to help understand others needs and priorities for better conversion rates in sales!


2. Techniques and strategies to elicit information during our conversations so we can learn more about the other person covertly which also happen to help build trust saving you time, energy and sometimes even MONEY! All from learnt from the high stakes interrogation/interview environment and practiced at much safer businesses netowkring and magic/mind-reading performances

“I’m interested in what you are doing as much as the course... not many people stand out in this world and you seem to have stuck with me. Which then makes me question, WHY? 

That then makes me think how can I help this person be found more often by more of the people you need to.... The course content will definitely be interesting too and I’d gain!”


-Kurt Lindley, Be More Learning & Development

3. Access to sources like "The Spicy Question Scale" and "The Sneaky Cheeky Responses" to baby step into sensitive areas, covertly bring up/encourage topics to be brought up during a conversation, understand when/why someone has responded the way they have and so much more! 


4. We share the secret formula that helps you become an unforgettable person in the eyes of others! How to manufacture that special "magic" where everyone wants to hang out with you, talks about you, your business in a positive light and is seen as a person that they NEED know! 


5. Pro networking tips that will have people begging you for your contact information, passing you referrals and eager to do business with you! Even the most introverted person can make lots of new connections with these devastatingly simple strategies!


6. Gregs version of personality profiling model he came up with for a mind-reading trick over 10 years ago (based of various versions of the 4 temperaments) to work out what others "preferred personality language" is to mirror 

"Having met Greg and seen him perform I can genuinely say he's a really nice guy who captivates his audience in a fun and engaging way. I would not hesitate to book him for one of our corporate events or conferences.” 

-Fiona Cropper,  Director, RIS Ltd

7. Be able to identify when someone is "stuck" in the decision making process before taking action and you will even be able to detect WHY they have become so.... Allowing you to put together a plan for your next steps to help empower them to make the positive change and take ACTION!


8. An in depth look at all the different body language and emotional channels we can read  to help build trust during any situation whether you we see the person, over the phone or even during social media & email messages!!!

Become a master of social engineering & negotiation by using emotional intelligence, personality profiling and behaviour analysis to read others emotional/body language when communicating with others, building meaningful connections and putting yourself in an influential position & authority

Who is the Sherlock Bond SCAN System for?

  • Recruitment
  • Sales
  • HR Professionals
  • Team Builders 
  • Corporate Professionals
  • Negotiation
  • Coaches
  • Therapists
  • Performing Arts
  • Dating
  • Doctors
  • Security/Self-Defence

Learn the laws of humans behaviour, the rules when reading others emotions, how understanding human characteristics will help you understand why people think and act the way they do...


Never get taken advantage of or be manipulated by another person again! Get access to what we call the "8 unforgiveable sins of manipulation" designed as a self defence module to detect, avoid & protect yourself, family, friends or colleagues from narcissists/psychopaths!


For those who manage teams lots of people with a variety of personalities we have even included a sections on different personality strength, weakness, how they can be perceived & more. Super useful when it comes to resolving conflict in the work place!

Unlock unlimited confidence for any situation NOW for meeting new people, public speaking, presentations, networking and more! 


Foundations of building trust with other people quickly, efficiently and without the use of dishonest or sleazy tactics 


By time you have completed your training with Greg you will be reading people like Sherlock Holmes with the social skills of James Bond!

We are a new speaker and brand so at the moment we are focusing our marketing on talks and workshops... however we are always developing our products & services!
So even if you do not see what you are looking for here but have an idea where we could help you. Please get in touch as we would be eager to hear this idea and offer everyone a FREE consultation!