Corporate Training & Workshops that are fun, efficient & gets magical results!!!


Over the years Greg has provided Corporate Training & Magic Workshops for clients to help make their staff training day fun, engaging and insightful for their colleagues!!!


Greg has been studying of con-men, pickpockets, magic, hypnosis, mind-reading, emotional intelligence, social psychology & personality/behaviour profiling for almost 20 years! His first magic workshops were hosted back in 2014 at Island Lake Summer Camp, USA where he was teaching kids age 5-18 years old amazing magic designed so they had fun, would blow their parents mind with magic and help them develop their self-confidence which he was able to do with huge success!!!


Years later Greg has developed and presented a variety of workshops designed with different goals mind...  Previous workshops were designed for self-confidence, networking, improving communication/presentations, sales training, and more!

Conference and networking training with The Magic Speaker!
Whatever your goals and objectives are for your corporate training day we can put together a magic workshop to help deliver your training on a fun and memorable way!

How Corporate workshops work?


We tailor all our workshops to make sure they are fun and engaging for your staff and colleagues to help key points of the day unforgettable!


We can teach you and your staff how to perform mind-blowing magic tricks that you will show friends, family even prospects and clients at the next networking meeting!


We provide further reading materials for all workshops that attendees can take away with them after the day is over!

Whatever your goals and objectives are for your corporate training day. We can put together a Corporate Training Day to help deliver your message in a fun and memorable way! 

“I really enjoyed yesterday’s training! There were lots of things we do already but it formalised those (like baselining people’s reactions). There were also some good cross overs between professional (for business) and personal life (for personal life and sports), which I related to on the belief elements. It was certainly a worthwhile experience and something that will help us and make us think differently about things.”

-Chris Redhead, Senior Account Manager, Tribepad


“I thought the overall session was great! It confirmed a lot of things we already do at Tribepad. I took away more things I will use in my personal life rather than professionally I think that would work well given the sessions will be over zoom for the foreseeable future.”

Ellis Ridge, Account manager, Tribepad

Who is our live corporate training for?

1. Recruitment


2. Sales 


3. Negotiation 


4. Team Building


5. Therapy
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Previous clients include YBS Banking, TribePad, Island Lake Summer Camp & more!