Read Greg's story below to find out how he became a successful full-time Magician & Corporate Speaker!!!

Greg now works as a full-time Magician, Hypnotist, Mind-Reader, Gentlemen Pickpocket & Keynote Speaker! But it that has not always been the case...


Greg was born in Sheffield and later moved to Bedford, as a child he loved all sports... Basketball in particular was a huge part of life growing up spending any spare moment on a basketball court shooting a ball, training, watching NBA, coaching others and more...


When he was 16 he dislocated his shoulder during a game, this inury would happen repeatedly and would ultimately lead to him having an operation that made quite clear Greg had to find a new hobby...


This was a little inconvinient as Greg was mid-way through his a-levels when the operation was done. It affected his grades and what he was passionate about in life...

It was during this time Greg had decided to take another year at sixth-form to get his grades up before university and it was during these two years Greg had taught himself how to play the bass guitar and produce music! After getting his grades up he was off to the University of Leeds in 2011 to study Music, Media & Electronics!


During these 3 years, like a lot of undergraduate students, Greg took up many opportunities whilst studying. Learning to Rock Climb, train Wing Tsun to a black shirt level, study psychology, hypnosis ,  help launch an online TV-platform called NATV with friends, housemates and worked as a sales rep for an events company that later lead to Gregs first paid gig as a magician!

The modules in his degree  gave Greg experience in programming, music production, engineering, presentations, group work with his final project building an interative night club light system... He graduated in 2014 with a 2.1 in Bsc Music, Media & Electronics!


Greg didn't attend his graduating ceremony instead he immediately flew to America to work at a summer camp to teach kids magic for 3 months. The experience was so much fun he went back for another season the following year and was lucky to work with some world-class entertainers during this time and gained life experience and lessons he values to this day.

From Professional Magician to Corporate Speaker

After coming back from the USA Greg went back to an old job to fund his second season, he was on a zero-hour contract and after paying for his trip, his hours were cut and at one point really struggled to make ends meet... After losing this job and no time to get new one before summer camp started he relied on his ability to busk & perform magic in the nightclubs and bars of Leeds. This is where he was able to hone his skills reading people and as a networker and entertainer!

During his second trip to Island Lake Greg was able to to work with some amazing performers who encouraged him to pursue a career in magic as he had all the skills to do so... It was these people who believed in him helped him come to the decision to eventually give up finding a normal job to work on someone elses dreams and build his own company and start working on his own!


To this day Greg thanks these beautiful people who believed in him!

On returning to the U.K. a second time he returned to Leeds for another job opportunity that he quickly realised wasn't going to work out he decided to take a gamble and focus 100% of his efforts on his on entertainment business!


Since then it has been a fun, exciting & most importantly educational 5 years... Focusing a lot of his time and energy building a business from nothing! He took sales and marketing courses, learned to develop his own website, recorded, edited and put together all his promo material and so much more! All to make sure as many people knew about his business as possible!


5 years on and so much has changed... He is living a happier and more comfortable life with regular wedding bookings, corporate events & more... This has allowed him to bring in an income that pays his bills, brought his car, holidays, pays for the website you are seeing right now, EVERYTHING comes from his magic business!

In 2016 Greg was thinking of ways he could expand his services as a magician so he could teach others magic... He missed putting on magic workshops from summer camp & whatever Greg has done in the past he has always enjoyed and excelled at teaching others be it coaching, music, magic etc. He has ALWAYS been able to successfully teach and pass on skills to others, this is when he started tinkering with the idea of becoming a keynote speaker and utilizing his skills as a magician to highlight key points throughout his talks!

Keynote Speaker Greg Holroyd show magic of entertainment with education!
Keynote speaker with a touch of magic with guests!

After a year or so he had given around 10-15 talks at networking meetings, small conferences and in 2018 he had his first opportunity in the U.K. for one of his magic workshops! It was for a huge corporate company so Greg made sure he put the plenty of time for research, plan and rehearse this workshop.... We managed to put together a great workshop, it was far from perfect, but the lessons gained from this experience have helped us improve and develop these services for future clients...


At the end of 2019 he decided he wanted to do more of these workshops and created a basic unreleased website called The MagicSpeaker to help demonstrate the Magic of education through entertainment! And then Covid happen which is when everything changed... March 2020 was a devastating day for everyone around the globe and EVERYTHING changed and for someone who was in events Greg saw the business he spent half a decade evaporate in the space of 3 days, that is what is felt like at the time.  The was the first time Greg had experienced any kind of mental health issues suffering with depression...


After a few months he decided to make some changes, he started jumping rope everyday and began hacking his own mind using the tricks on himslef that he had done for others for over a decade! This helped get him back in a better place and coincidentally his business too 🥳 not only surviving the pandemic but ended up thriving!!! Beating his depression, adapting his entertainment business to a virtual world and launching his second business as a personality/behaviour profiling coach which is why you are see this website!


This is his story so far and there is still a few chapters left to tell!

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