Welcome to the MagicSpeaker providing motivational talks, online courses and live training workshops on how to read & influence human behaviour in the REAL WORLD!

Are you looking to build trusting relationships and how to ethically influence others for more win-win outcomes within our business and/or personal life?


Do you struggle to connect with people and want to understand the psychology of how to sell your products, business services and you ideas to others?


Are you wasting time, money & energy interacting with the wrong type of people within your network holding you back?


Are you wanting to identify, connect and communicate with more people who will support you and your business desires?

With Gregs unique background as a professional magician, mind-reader, hypnotist, keynote speaker for events combined with the hours and money spent of various training in personality profiling, behaviour analysis, body language reading and pretty much anything he calls "the deceptive arts" to help meet new people, read emotions whilst building  trust and ethically influence others for more win-win outcomes for opportunities that present in his business & personal life

Corporate Workshops, Motivational Speaking & Coach/Mentoring 


Greg provides 3 main services at the MagicSpeaker:


1) Live training workshops for corporate professionals and small businesses


2) Keynote talks for both live and virtual events


3) Online Training & Courses are available through our online school "The MagicSpeaker Academy"


All of the services we provide are all tailored for each and every client needs however everything we teach/speak about all comes from Gregs "Sherlock Bond SCAN System" which at the start of 2022 has become his flagship course! 

Key Areas Greg Can Help!

1. Building confidence as a foundation!


2. Meeting new people and building trusting relationships!


3. Reliable techniques when it comes to reading & influencing human behaviour within conversations

Corporate Training - Confidence Development
Corporate Speaker - Post talk Q&A
Corporate Training - Confidence Development

4. How to identify what people and other businesses really care about and how to align values in interactions for more win-win outcomes


5. Unique and efficient training for changing your own body language and behaviour for more positive results in person & business life!

Greg wanted to take everything he had been studying and practicing for the best part of a decade that allowed him to build an entire business from pretty much nothing but a mobile phone, a busted laptop and becoming a master of social engineering

Unlock unlimited confidence, learn to attune yourself to how other people feel/thing for building trust to put us in a position to ethically influence others for more win-win outcomes quickly, efficiently and honestly! Or a much cooler way of putting this "We teach you how to read peoples emotional/body language like Sherlock Holmes with the social skills of James Bond!"

“I’m interested in what you are doing as much as the course... not many people stand out in this world and you seem to have stuck with me. Which then makes me question, WHY? 

That then makes me think how can I help this person be found more often by more of the people you need to.... The course content will definitely be interesting too and I’d gain!”


-Kurt Lindley, Be More Learning & Development

Our training and motivational talks are now available for both live & virtual platforms! We have seen massive changes in 2020 and when we were all on lockdown there was a demand for virtual training, education, entertainment and we were able to adapt all of our corporate workshops and talks for clients virtual events & training days through Zoom and were a huge success... we are already working on plans for hybrid live/virtual events for the future!
At the magic speaker we  demonstrate the "Magic of Education Through Entertainment" because we understand if something is fun & entertaining its so much easier remember!

Whether you are looking for an unforgettable motivational speaker for your live event/conference OR seeking fun & engaging corporate training that can be deliver through a computer screen, we tailor all of our services to ensure our clients and their guest their next conference or corporate training day is one to remember! Greg is one of the most unique & memorable corporate trainers & coach on the market and offers a no-risk, no obligational over the phone or zoom consultations for all enquiries!

"Having met Greg and seen him perform I can genuinely say he's a really nice guy who captivates his audience in a fun and engaging way. I would not hesitate to book him for one of our corporate events or conferences.” 

-Fiona Cropper,  Director, RIS Ltd

Want to find out more about Gregs Entertainment services visit: www.GregHolroyd.co.uk

We are a new speaker and brand so at the moment we are focusing our marketing on talks and workshops... however we are always developing our products & services!
So even if you do not see what you are looking for here but have an idea where we could help you. Please get in touch as we would be eager to hear this idea and offer everyone a FREE consultation!